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It's About Time... Completed Documents Delivered in Real Time

Welcome to, the most effective solution for managing the secure delivery of business transaction document packages via the Internet. Packages are available in seconds or minutes, not hours or days. In the mortgage industry this means that last minute revisions can be requested at the closing table, made by the lender and quickly returned to the closing agent. The advantage of real time corrections means dramatically fewer closing delays and reduced costs. is hosted in a highly secure and scalable environment. It can process, deliver, and verify more than 1,000 transactions per minute. currently provides electronic Closing Package assembly, posting, and delivery to Mortgage Lenders and Closing Agents, each of who interact with the system differently.

Lenders provides a utility (DocClient) that accepts document data files and loan package information from the lender's Loan Origination System (LOS). With DocClient the lender can:

Once assembled, the document data files are merged with the appropriate document templates, converted to PDF (the web-standard document format), and uploaded to the DynamicDox website. After successfully saving the package and associated data in its database, DynamicDox generates a confirmation e-mail to the lender and notification e-mails to each recipient of the package.

Through the DynamicDox website, lenders can search for all packages they have published or received (using convenient search criteria), open any package for review or compliant printing, review comments added by any recipient of the package, and delete any package they've published.


Closing Agents

Closing Agents are registered with DynamicDox by the Bank of America Branch office. After a Closing Agent is given his or her User ID and temporary password by the Branch contact, he or she can visit DynamicDox to verify the appropriate registration information and request a test package to verify that his or her printer setup works with DynamicDox.

Whenever a Closing Agent is selected as the recipient of a package published by a lender, he or she receives notification of the package by e-mail. The e-mail includes general information describing the business transaction and the package, and an http:// link to the package at

Clicking the e-mail link opens the Closing Agent's web browser and accesses the DynamicDox login page. The Closing Agent enters his or her DynamicDox User ID and Password and the package is displayed for online review, compliant printing, and the review/addition of comments to the package.

Closing Agents may also use the search feature to access any package received through DynamicDox.


Compliant Printing

Acrobat Reader was chosen as the document display format for DynamicDox because of its well-deserved reputation as the web-standard document format. However, a significant limitation of Acrobat Reader 5.x is that it cannot accurately print document files with mixed paper size pages. When attempting to print a document with mixed-size pages, the user must elect to print all pages on letter- or legal-size paper, but cannot print on a mix of the two sizes. Therefore, Acrobat Reader is used only to allow online previews of loan packages.

Acrobat reader 6.x and higher CAN print document files with mixed paper size pages. It is the recommendation that you upgrade your existing version of Acrobat Reader to version 6.x.

DynamicDox has achieved compliant printing by delivering the loan package in PCL format, which automatically prints all pages in the document on the correct size paper (letter- or legal-size, as appropriate to each page). This print format requires no additional installations on the user's computer.